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For 10+ years, ProCreate has been creating mission-critical communications solutions for public safety, Healthcare, transportation, and academic institutions.
Maximize your EMS command and control center with brilliant interoperable console solutions and specialty products designed to enhance situational awareness and deliver quick, efficient, reliable, and integrated communications to emergency response and field operations teams.


Every day, thousands of initiatives around the world are managed more effectively because control rooms have an improved ability to intake information, coordinate resources, and manage responses effectively. Every day incidents – measured in lives saved, minutes spared, costs averted, objectives achieved – all made better by ProCreate.
From public safety emergencies to commercial needs for collaboration and managing corresponding actions, ProCreate solutions empower integrated mission critical communications.


Integrated platform enabling Efficient, Real time Coordinated
Medical Response and Decision making
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ProCreate solutions are utilized across health critical domains where centralized communication intake, triage, and incident handling with all the operational elements are vital to the efficient initiation of service, operation and management of mission-critical situations.



When incident information is received via voice, text, and/or social media channels, it is subjected to an intelligent pre-processing and the information is assimilated, processed, routed, and communicated across disparate channels for the service initiation, operation and management.



Real time processing information and ability to communicate different connected systems of various operations involved across involved agencies’ personnel and functions.

Our Values

ProCreate believes in passionate work by applying technology with innovation


Bring a new definition to the human health and life through the state-of-the art technological interventions in the area of Health Care and Emergency Management.


Continuous innovation through new technologies, processes and experience in delivering services on the ground for various market segments across the globe. Achieve a measurable value addition in end-customer service.


ProCreate objective is to Save Lives,Increase Life Expectancy and Improve Quality of Life.

ProCreate continues to grow bigger and stronger and our zeel in learning new things and adopting of new techniques helped us to work towards excellence.

Our Vision is

1.To Give the quality work output as per the client requirments.
2.To deliver the project within the time frame to our clients.
3.To offer our services to the clients at affordable prices.
4.To fulfill the business desires fo the customers through our work.
5.To maintain a good bond with our clients.
6.To explore our business Nationally and Internationally.
7.To become as ones dream to work as an employee in Aesthetic IT Soft.

Continuous innovation through new technologies, processes and experience in delivering services on the ground for various market segments across the globe.

Achieve a measurable value addition in end-customer service.

ProCreate believes in passionate work by applying technology with innovation.

We emphasise high integral values and commit ourselves to providing enhanced value to not just our customers but to their customers as well.

Our adherence in practice of world class quality of service standards help in providing sustainable and progressive improvement of value to the customer.

Full suite of integrated products and solutions

  • All
  • EMS Core Systems
  • EMS Support Systems
  • EMS Mobile Systems

Pro Call Taking System

Pro Call Taking Systems is a portfolio of tightly integrated communications solutions that come together to provide a complete command and control suite for EMS agencies. Each solution is delivered as a modular cost effective package that can be purchased stand-alone or as part of a comprehensive platform solution.
Pro Call Taking is a comprehensive call taking solution designed to increase efficiency and minimize distractions.


Pro-Dispatch is a versatile software based dispatching system. It effectively enables command and control agents to simultaneously talk to field staff who are geographically spread across the province and the operational supporting staff.

Pro-CAD System

Pro Computer Aided Dispatch (Pro-CAD) helps Emergency Response Center (ERC), emergency services officers (EROs) and dispatchers capture the incident information and provide real-time incident management for improving overall situational awareness. ERC is scalable to support multi-jurisdiction, and multi-agency deployments on a given geographical area of a province/country.

Pro-GIS Mapping

ProCreate’s Pro-GIS Mapping is a map viewer providing map-editing and publishing along with AVLT (Automatic Vehicle Location & Tracking) module to improve GIS management. Pro-GIS map viewer using ANI/ALI information displays an active accident integrating GIS with an active CAD incident and historical database.

Pro-MIS System

ProCreate’s Pro-GIS Mapping is a map viewer providing map-editing and publishing along with AVLT (Automatic Vehicle Location & Tracking) module to improve GIS management. Pro-GIS map viewer using ANI/ALI information displays an active accident integrating GIS with an active CAD incident and historical database.

Pro-Map Viewver

ProCreate’s Pro-GIS Mapping is a map viewer providing map-editing and publishing along with AVLT (Automatic Vehicle Location & Tracking) module to improve GIS management. Pro-GIS map viewer using ANI/ALI information displays an active accident integrating GIS with an active CAD incident and historical database.

Dispatch Management

The Communication Officer (CO) module in our Emergency Response System Platform is tightly integrated with IP PBX contact center through a Computer Telephony Interface (CTI). The trunk side of the IP PBX has interface to receive the calls either through PRI channel interface or over SIP interface. Every time the call gets terminated on IP PBX from a Local Exchange, the ACD on IP PBX side algorithmically decides to connect one of the COs in a group of COs.

Fire Dispatch Officer

This module in the ERS system deals in addressing the emergencies caused by Fire. The dispatching agent can have all the details of caller and cause of Fire during the service. The following are the activities, which can be performed by the FDO through the application.

Dispatch Officer

This module in the ERC system deals with the service of dispatching the necessary resources to rescue and save the lives of victims in distress such as ALS/BLS Ambulance vehicles. DO receives the complete data of callers and victims captured at CO along with the voice conversation file record. DO has the provision to call back the callers or victims contact numbers captured at CO.

Police Dispatch Officer

This module in the ERS system is key in addressing the emergencies that can be addressed by Police department. In general, these kinds of emergencies can be from burglary, any act from anti-social elements etc. PDO receives the complete information of the victims from the CO. PDO module has a provision to integrate the Police Jurisdiction; this helps the agent to assign the exact police station, which is nearer to the incident location as well as falling under the jurisdiction

Emergency Response Centre Physician (ERCP)

The Emergency Response Center Physician (ERCP) is a qualified doctor present in the Center with a proper agent setup and application system. The emergency physician doctor is assisted by ERCP computer system and solution supported by the medical assisting algorithms. Every leg of ERCP transaction is recorded in the system including the ERCP clinical support to the EMT


The Supervisor is to monitor the Agents of CO, DO, PDO, FDO agents to get better outputs from the agents. He/ she can view the events handling by the agents on his/ her screen. The following are the operations that he/ she performs.

Access Management System (AMS)

Access Management System (AMS) is a tool for the Admin/ Supervisor to provide roles and privileges to the Emergency Response Centre users to login to the respected applications. A dashboard for the AMS user to know the module wise users logged in. The AMS system helps to map the agents (COs/ DOs etc.) desk to the Supervisor desk. This functionality will ease the load of supervisor to monitor only those agents who are mapped.

Analytics And Dashboard

Procreate™s Analytics tool is blazingly fast high performance, single stack platform to generate insights using BI & ML models. The product is aimed to establish a comprehensive Micro-Macro analysis framework that can provide and enable monitoring and evaluation of the performance of all the stakeholders and the effectiveness of the operations of the Customer by providing self-services based ad-hoc and canned reporting capabilities.

Caller Location Query

Caller Location Query (CLQ) to generate an SMS request from CO to caller™s phone with a short URL, which on click sends the GPS location of caller to CO. This feature is used for failures of LBS from the service providers in cases like number portability etc.

Centralised Operational Helpdesk

An application to address and track the field operations from a centralized location. On/OFF road ambulances monitoring.

Dial and Call Logger

A comprehensive and versatile solution for conversation recording in different types of telecommunication channels.


A stronger and more resilient Nation is dependent on the development and sustainment of a diverse cadre of highly capable, high performing, and results-oriented emergency management leaders to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex all-hazards environment.


ECG machine connected to Tablet through Bluetooth will capture the ECG of a patient in the field. ECG is transmitted over the GSM mobile data connectivity. ECG Viewer System at ERCP is used to assess the ECG recorded while the MR/ EMT is at the patient. A notification with short URL of ECG is sent over email & SMS to the Cardiologist in the AIIMS hospital, for a specialist view and comments. Cardiologist can make remarks on the same ECG for further action at patient by the MR/EMT.

Fleet Management System

Fleet management is a core application in order to enhance the quality of the ERS service and to develop efficiencies to make the service more effective. Our applications will provide solution to effectively run the Ambulance services and provides a profitable/accurate information on services i.e. of the vehicle registration, vehicle assignment, vehicle monitoring, vehicle billing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle tracking etc. The main functionalities of the Feet Management System (FMS) are

Grievance Redressal System

An application for capturing the grievances from Public, Staff and others. Also, escalating the grievances to the respective teams for resolution of the grievances based on the defined SLAs.

Hospital Accreditation Application

1. Hospital Empanelment portal is an online portal where the hospitals, which are interested in empanelling them into 108, can put a request by providing the details like No. of Beds, Specialities, Infrastructure etc., available in the hospitals.
2. These requests are verified by the hospital cell department available in ERC and approves the empanelment requests, which are falling under the criteria.

Hospital Front Desk Application

Ambulance pre-Arrival Notification system is a simple, highly customizable external feature of ePCR Suite. EMS operator can share patient information in real-time with the destination hospital (receiving facility) and allow hospital staff to execute pre-arrival activities such as bed/room prep, patient pre-admission, and mobilization of specialty teams.

Inventory Management System

Inventory management deals with the tracking of consumables, medications available in the ambulance and its replenishment. Once the consumables or medications are less than the minimum available quantity, an alert will be generated to the respective department for them to dispatch the inventory required.
The consumption of the inventory will be reported through the ePCR application available in the MDT devices and from the MMUs.

Integration With 112

As per the guidelines of Government of India, to have a single emergency helpline number (112) across India. To comply this, we Procreate has integrated our Emergency Response Centre solution with the 112.

Bike Ambulance Services

Bike ambulances are used for first responder service. When the 108 call comes from thickly populated urban area, where bike ambulances are strategically located across the city, the bike ambulance nearest to the incident along with paramedic is dispatched.

Feeder Ambulance Services

Tribal Feeder Ambulance dispatch is integrated with ERC and communicated to the Feeder ambulance agency Interface. There are 122 Feeder ambulances in Andhra Pradesh.

ePCR Integrated with the Vehicle

Electronic Patient Care Record is an application to capture the pre hospital care provided to the patient in ambulance electronically. During the course of providing ambulatory care, it is necessary to capture details of the activities performed during the pre-hospital care. ePCR records the details pertaining to this care and synchronizes with the central database of ERS.

Live Tracking

The AVLT module has a feature to track the ambulance location in real time. The current location of the ambulance is displayed in the 'address form' by reverse geocoding of the location coordinates received. The Speed of the ambulance will also display on the GIS maps interface.

Location Base Service

LBS helps in determining the location of distress caller regardless of handset model, telecom network type and telecom infrastructure. It is implemented in a completely automated model and requires no human intervention. This helps in reducing response time.

Mobile Medical Unit

a. Technology enabled Health care service to the doorstep of the rural community
b. Serving villages beyond 3 kilometers from any Primary Health Center on a ‘fixed’ day of each month
c. Enabling technology for effective realization of improved health indicators like IMR and MMR.

Mother and Child Tracking System

The Validation of records of Health workers, ASHA(s) and Mother & Child registration under MCTS.
The Promotion of Government Programs & Schemes and Information, education and communication (IEC) activities through Call Centre.

Quality Application

Any response centre aspiring to provide exemplary emergency service must closely monitor performance to gain meaningful insights. The following are the features available
The Voice Logs interface contains search filters for the user to search for the Voice logs.

Single Record reporting system

An application where the complete incident information is displayed as a single report from calls inception to patient transported to Hospital.
This report can be utilised as evidence documents in case of medico legal cases (MLC). Single Record is integrated with the Voice Logger service through which the voice record tagged to the case can be available. This reduces the hassle of locating the voice for quality purposes.

Supply Chain Management

The SCM module has three roles i.e., Store, Sub stores and Reports. Each role has a set of privileges. The store role will have all the privileges, as it is an Administrator role. Next, there is a Sub store, which will give access to the functionalities limited to Sub stores only. The last role is Reports, which provides access to the reports.

Video Conferencing

The call could be expanded to include the paramedics on their way in the ambulance so they would know what to expect the minute they park. Emergency dispatchers already contact the ambulance on its way to a situation to give them details as they get them from the patient, but video could be a huge help in preparing paramedics and EMTs for what they âre about to be dealing with.

Video management System

MS integrated with ERC provides video data of ambulance in real time. The following are the activities performed with the integration of VMS.
1. Capturing of videos from the ambulances
2. Live streaming of the videos from ambulances at the Emergency Response Centre
3. Storing of the captured videos into the Data Storage devices.
4. Play back of the captured videos.

Work Force Management System

Work Force Management System (WFMS) integrated with the Dispatch Management System helps to create rosters for the ERC staff on a weekly/ monthly basis. The system will recommend the staff required based on the previous shift patterns.

104 Citizen Mobile Application

a. An app through which the citizens can raise a request for a medical advice.
b. An app where citizens can view the information related to the following.
a) Pregnancy Care
b) Child Care
c) Old Age Care
d) Nutrition
e) Yoga

Electronic Patient Care Record

ePCR is the electronic record of the care given to the patient in transit. Using this ePCR the EMT has to provide the status update of the ambulance at every stage like From Base Location, At Scene, From Scene etc.

108 Citizen Mobile Application

An app through which the citizens can raise a request for a medical advice.
b. An app where citizens can view the information related to the following.
a) Pregnancy Care
b) Child Care
c) Old Age Care
d) Nutrition
e) Yoga

Uberization App

User Registration, requesting an ambulance, tracking of ambulance, Feedback.
Driver registration, Acceptance of Incident, Navigation to the Incident Location and Incident to Hospital, Assigning Hospital, sending pre-arrival notification to HFDO, Feedback.

Our team

Mr.Ranganatham Veluru

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ranganatham Veluru is the Chairman and Managing Director of ProCreate Techno Systems Pvt. Ltd. Ex CTO of Satyam Global LifeNet (A joint venture of Cisco and Satyam). [17:50, 6/12/2021] Sunil Sir(pro: Chief architect of Emergency Response Technology System in India, currently operational in about 18 states, in Bhutan and in Sri Lanka, etc. [17:50, 6/12/2021] Sunil Sir(pro: An Electronics & Communications Engineer with a master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering.

Mr.Mahender Reddy.A

Projects Head

Over 18+ years of extensive experience in product development, enterprise architecture, service delivery, setup and maintenance of large software systems. Expertise in strategy development, global program management and software engineering management. Managed large software delivery teams and successfully delivered large healthcare products and solutions. Experience in managing large partnerships, as a Head of the Global Consultancy Group of Satyam Computes closely involved in joint venture with CISCO and successfully designed integrated Healthcare products under Joint Development activity.

Mr.Sudhakar Varanasi


Dr. Sudhakar moved to the corporate world and joined the IT wave in India in 1991. He was a founding director of Tiger Software, an IT products company in Bangalore and moved to Satyam Computer Services as a senior management team member. He then moved to the CEO position at CoOptions Technologies Limited . He started EMRI (Emergency Management Research Institute) which pioneered large scale deployment of emergency services for the first time in India, under a public private partnership model. Dr. Sudhakar Varanasi had his education at IIT, Kharagpur and at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He is a doctorate in Physics from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Mr.M.Balaji Rao


M Balaji Rao, Director and Head Strategic Management at Synergy Management Advisors Private Limited. He has clocked more than Ten thousand man-days of training across the industry and is a consultant to the MSME segment. He has been a consultant to more than thirty companies in India and abroad. His interactions with CEOs of various companies and their workforce during his interventions as a consultant has given him a great understanding of the Indian Economy from the people’s perspective.

Mr.Mahesh Kanumury


Mahesh Kanumury has over 25 years of venture capital, management consulting and operating experience. Mahesh is the Managing Director & Founder of Arivali Partners where he provides advisory and investment services to for- profit social enterprises (enterprises that have the potential to reach $1B+ and impact 1M+ lives).Mahesh has an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MS in Engineering from Purdue University and BS in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai. Mahesh enjoys running, music and meditation. He is also an instructor at the Art of Living Foundation.

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